FAIVRE company: an innovative manufacturer

Since 1958, FAIVRE Sarl is settled in the Doubs between Montbéliard and Besançon, and develops machines intended for water treatment and fish farming. A beautiful technological success which leans on a family story...

In 1958, Mr Faivre Claude holds a fish farming which produces 20T / year, and begins to think about mechanizing his work to make it less painful.

In 1961, he starts in the workshop of the family mill. Fastly, this small structure of 300 m2 is too small, then in 1973 he decides to settle down to Baume-les-Dames (25), builds at the same time a 800 m2 factory. Fastly, the company markets aerators.

In 1966, the first fast turbine floating aerator "Flobull" make its appearance.
In 1985, the market being prosper, Claude Faivre calls on to his sons to support him. 100 % of sales were dedicated to fish farming and 30 % of its sales were made in the export.

In 1991, the FAIVRE company launches the manufacturing of the hydro-ejector "Aérosub". 

In 1993, the first "micro-flobull" aerators are made.

In 1996, the manufacturing of the ornamental "Flostyle" water jets transforms golf courses, private ponds, lakes...

Today, fish farming remains the main business sector with more than 80 % of the global manufacturing. For more information and the lastest news of the company, you can visit our website :

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- An effective and voluntary team for advices and the realization of your quotations.

- FAIVRE Sarl is a family business of fish farming. Our first aerators went out of the workshop in 1966. Specialists in aeration and water jets, we are dedicated to our work.

- We offer you a range of products established by more than 40 years of experience in the professional aeration.

- A commercial team is available to welcome you and establish quickly a quotation for your installation.

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