AERATION AND EFFECTIVE BREWING: strong contribution in oxygen
Despite of their low electric consumption of 180 w in 1500 w, Flobull has a brewing water flow from 75 m3 / hour to 380 m3 / hour.

The important contribution of oxygen in water is 1,2kg O2 / hour for a FLOBULL 1CV 750Watts. Floating surface aerator for the aeration of water plans and ponds. With its two handles built into the float, this light and easily handled aerator is ideally suited to use in fish farming, ponds, pools, etc...


The FLOBULL aerator projects a very emulsified spray of water into the air, thus providing maximum contact with the atmosphere. In this way oxygen in the air is transferred into the water. This process does not raise the water temperature because a sometimes warmer atmospheric contact is compensated through cooling caused by evaporation.


Use of quality materials: stainless steel AISI 304L, high-density, driving polyethylene IP 55, submersible cable AD 8.

1 : IP 55 Engine 1500t / min under a high-density polyethylene protective cover
2 : High-density polyethylene diffuser cone for air mixing
3 : 4 blades high yield turbine
4 : High-density polyethylene rotomoulded float with anti-UV treatment
5 : Filtration grid (11 mm spacing) for sea water use : stainless steel AISI 316L

APPLICATION : Any stretch of water
Fish farming, private Ponds, Golf courses, Lakes...

By treating the lack of oxygen and by causing the water circulation, FLOBULL gives you healthy, clean and well-balanced stretches of water (lakes, ponds). It eliminates or reduces the causes which generate bad quality water, seaweeds, smells, fish mortality, shoot of weed and shady water.

 ADVANTAGES : A stream rich in oxygen

- Decrease the fish mortality due to the lack of oxygen (survival area in summer)
- The prevention of the development of the phytoplankton and weed.
- The biodegradation (by bacteria) from organic pollutants maintained in suspension.
- An increase of the density of the fish, its speed of growth, and its good sanitary state.
- Traffic and brewing of water.
- Decrease of the thermostratification in the stretch of water.
- In winter, can be used to keep an open part of the stretch of water.

Very simple to install, these surface aerators can be placed on any stretch of water and lakes having a minimum depth of 40 centimeters.