AERATION AND EFFECTIVE BREWING: contribution in oxygen

Besides their elegance, FLOSTYLE water-jets bring the benefits of water aeration. Its main effect is to prevent development of seaweeds, mosquitoes and unpleasant smells resulting from some organic decomposition.

The contribution of oxygen in water is of approximately 0,3kg O2 / hour for a 1CV 750Watts FLOSTYLE water-jet. Many Golf courses use FLOSTYLE since 1996. More than 100 FLOSTYLE was sold in France...


The FLOSTYLE aerator projects a fine spray of water into the air, thus providing maximum contact with the atmosphere. In this way oxygen in the air is transferred into the water. This process does not raise the water temperature because a sometimes warmer atmospheric contact is compensated through cooling caused by evaporation. 


Use of quality materials: stainless steel AISI 304L, high-density polyethylene, stainless steel IP 67 motor, submersible cable AD 8...

1. Polyethylen float
2. Nozzle
3. Turbine and caul
4. 304L stainless steel motor (IP58 - 3000t/min)
5. Lighting kit (option)
6. Submersible cable - 20m standard
7. 304 L Stainless steel bumber stand 

 APPLICATION : Any stretch of water

- Golf courses
- Private ponds
- Lakes
- Cities 

ADVANTAGES : Elegance and aeration

- The development prevention of phytoplankton as well as the weed.
- The biodegradation (by bacteria) organic pollutants maintained in suspension.
- Decrease thermostratification in the stretch of water.
- Their aesthetics transforms the environment and brings a pleasant touch of refinement.
- Besides their elegance, the Flostyle water-jet brings benefits of water aeration.

Very simple to install, these surface aerators can be placed on any stretch of water and lakes having a minimum depth of 50 centimeters.