Since 1966, FAIVRE company manufactures and sells floating aerators. We are a french company which employes more than 30 persons over a 2500 m2 surface area. Thanks to our market knowledge and our strong experience, in 2011 FAIVRE developped high quality products to help micro algae producers. Quality, productivity and simplicity, let us handle your projects !

Floating surface aerator FLOBULL

For intensive fish farming, ponds... Despite their 180 watts to 1500 watts low electric consuption, Flobull aerators have a water brewing flow of 75 m3/h to 380 m3/h. Their high oxygen supply in water are about 1,2kg O2/h for the 1CV (750Watts) FLOBULL. Floating surface aerator for stretches of water.


Aerator / Brewer AQUASUB

Water aeration and brewing. For stretches of water, lakes, ponds. The particular operation of these aerators can combine both aeration and brewing. The mouvement created increases the contact of air in water. At the same time, air injection into water insures a 0,35kg/O2  transfert to the aquatic environment by consumed Kw.

Floating water jet FLOSTYLE

Aeration and decoration. Night and day, these great floating water jets will give life to your ponds. Perfect for Golf and castles stretches of water. More than elegant, These "FLOSTYLE" water jets bring benefits of water aeration by preventing development of seaweeds, mosquitoes and unpleasant smells resulting from some organic decomposition.